Snow Day

We had a snow day today.  I wouldn’t say that i love snow–but I don’t hate it either.  Here are some photos.

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Keystone Fort Washington–every Sunday!

DSC_1521Our church had a first today. We met on a Sunday!

For the past eight months Keystone Fort Washington has been meeting on Saturday night at one of our other locations. Today we moved.

Today’s celebration service was one that I will never forget. It is one of those times that God gives you that you know is special when it is happening. By that I mean that as we were worshipping and praying and listening and giving and singing I knew that I was going to remember this as special. I like that.

Life is full of moments like that if you will open your eyes and have a look. It is full of wonderful experiences that God gives us. We get to experience the love of God. We get to experience community together. We get to watch other people experience those things. Sometimes you know that it is special while you are doing it—and you will never forget.

We left our campus today and I felt overwhelmed with joy that this is what I get to do every weekend. I get to come and gather together with a group of people who love Jesus. I get to work alongside people with the same mission.   I get to experience God’s love in a fresh way every day.

I look forward to serving God in the Fort Washington area and experiencing what He has for us next.

Billy is 6

billyshavesBilly is sitting in front of me as I write this.  He has Luke in one hand and Vader in the other.  Vader is not doing well.  This is all being done with the full musical score accurately being hummed in the background.  He doesn’t know I’m watching.

Wednesday is his birthday.

Big day.  Big moment.  You sort of bank on the big moments as a Papa–first goals, losing of teeth, learning a Bible verse, birthdays–what you don’t really see coming until it is right in front of you is stuff like watching your kid play when he doesn’t know you are watching.

I really enjoy those little moments.  I enjoy peeking through our upstairs window to see Billy run in the yard.  I like walking into his room and seeing him look at a book.  I have even witnessed him standing on his bed with both hands stretched over his world map talking about the places he would like to visit.  That is where it is.  Those little peeks into his world.

Billy is great at being a kid.  I’m telling you he really is good at it.  He plays, sings, runs, jumps, gets hurt, gets up, screams, cries, laughs, whines, sleeps, kicks, wrestles, shoots, chops, swims–he is all in on everything.  He goes hard from the moment he wakes until the moment he sleeps.  I really love this about him.

Now he turns 6.  DSC_1460

I really look forward to all of the big moments we will have this year–but I will earnestly seek to find those little moments I get to witness him being a little boy.

Happy Birthday Billy.

Being your Papa is pretty great.

The joy of running in community.

For Christmas this past year I asked Jennifer to get me a racers bib for the Bird-in-Hand half marathon.  I have been fascinated with this race ever since reading Running with the Amish by Bart Yasso, a few years back.   She did it.  So I immediately began training and today was the day that i had to run the thing.

It was loads of fun.  It certainly helped that my good pal from church came in 2nd.  I came in somewhere around 702nd.    We both had tons of fun. But I will say this–it was very hot–not complaining but just want to state that I know I could have run 15 minutes faster had it dipped just once below 80.  But, hey it was hot for everybody else as well.  Except maybe Jeremy.  He flew.

I took some pictures, well Jennifer took pictures.  I supposed I could have been one of those people that comes to a dead stop whilst on the race to course to grab just the right shot just prior to being bowled over by a much larger and harder to stop at top steep runner.  Lesson?  Don’t come to a complete stop in front of a 220llb runner heading full speed.  I just can’t get stopped.  I want to.  I can’t .  I am gonna have to sweaty bear hug you to stop.  Sorry. You won’t like sweaty bear hug.  That being said.  The scenery was incredible and I have really enjoyed seeing everyone’s pictures.

Another really cool aspect of the race was having Chris McDougall go around me at mile 7, bare feet and all.  Talked with him afterward and was very impressed with his demeanor and love for running.  He is a cool guy and I look forward to his upcoming book this March.

Great race and love running with the Amish.  Even if that does mean getting smoked by two girls wearing head covers and long black dresses.


So here is some pictures.

IMG_2187 IMG_2207 IMG_2215 IMG_2216 IMG_2194 IMG_2195 IMG_2197 IMG_2203

Kindergarten Day 1

Billy started Kindergarten today.  We pulled into the parking lot and he practically jumped out of the car A-Team style.  I suppose he was ready.

We took some pictures and did all the first day of school stuff.  We even went inside and had a cup of coffee with other parents.  It was all very nice.

Here are some photos. Click on a photo and enjoy.

I love my staff.

I have a great staff of people at the Fort Washington Campus.  There are many reasons I could list in verification but I choose to show you the below picture instead.

(scroll down after pic)


We routinely meet after a one of our celebration services to eat dinner together and hang out a bit.  Tonight it got a little squirrely.

Brad decided that he needed a haircut.  I grabbed my beard trimmer.  Jennifer wrapped him up in an Elmo towel, and Danielle started making him silky smooth.  Not to mention Justin styling as we went.  This is how you get a haircut in my kitchen.

This, my friend, is a church leadership book cover waiting for chapters.

I have been praying for God to put a team together that is excellent at what they do and loves to hang out and enjoy spending time together.  Thank you Jesus.  You nailed. it.


Playing with Fire

Set off a few firework thingys in the back yard last night.  Took a few shots for fun.