Africa Trip

In one week I leave for Africa.  Well, a week and one day.  I fly out of Greensboro, NC and will land in Entebbe, Uganda 24 hours later.  We will be preaching and teaching throughout Uganda and South Sudan for 15 days.  I cannot explain the excitement and anxiety I feel as I prepare.  If you visited my house you would think I was taking a shot at the moon with all the preparations.  Yes, I am planning a dry-run suitcase packing for tomorrow night.

This is all new to me.  I have spent less than three hours outside of the US in my life.  All three of those hours were in Mexico split between Nogales and Ciudad Juárez (long before it touted the highest murder rate in the world).  I am told that as a child I saw the Niagara Falls but this I cannot recollect so it doesn’t count.

Now, I go to Africa.  I have some general fears with this trip that I don’t typically have the week before I leave to go somewhere.  The biggest one is the trip to Sudan.  I have been carefully monitoring the January 9th vote on the Southern Sudanese Independence Referendum.  This will most likely pass and when it does South Sudan will become a new country.  We will be hitting South Sudan about three days after the vote.  That could mean a couple of things that I don’t wanna go into here but just be in prayer for us as we cross the border.

The rest of the fears pertain to either bathing or going to the bathroom so I will spare you.

I am going to do my best to find a computer and update my 9 readers while I am there.  Stay tuned for more and go ahead a start praying for me now.


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