Suggested Reading

The Orphaned Generation

Scott Wilcher (2010)

The Orphaned Generation by Scott WilcherThis is one of those books I got in the mail and read in one day.  Scott Wilcher knows what he is talking about and we need to listen.

There is an ever-growing gap between an older and  younger generation within the fellowship of the church.  Wilcher is not seeking to draw lines and declare a winner, rather, he aims to help us find a way to close that gap.   I really like his approach.

He is not selling a kit to fix your youth.  He is not selling a magic pill that you can give your youth pastor and everything will fall in line.  He is doing an excellent job of exegeting the Bible and showing us just how we are to get along in the church.

Plus, it is has extremely large margins.  Not sure why.  At first I thought it was kind of goofy but I liked the extra room for notes.  Just saying.


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