Africa: Day 7

[The following is a rough typed version of my journal from Africa.  I have about 15 days worth of notes and some of them only mean something to me, however, I believe you will be blessed to read through these.  The trip was epic in every way and this will help me to remember things and for you to get a glimpse of the things I saw.  Enjoy.]

Day 7

Today is a travel day.  Lots of people on the coaster.  It is going to be a long day.

We were supposed to leave around 8AM.  This did not happen and I don’t know why I thought it would.  It is nearly 10AM now and we are pulling out of David’s compound.

Made it back across the border.  Made it back across the Nile.  Can we make it back down this long dirt road?

David is driving the coaster this time.  He seems to take it a bit slower than did Moses but this does not make this road any less scary.  It isn’t so much the road it is all the people on the road—cars, trucks, people, bikes, cows, goats, kids, etc…everything you can think of…they are all on this road.  There must be a million people walking on this road.

Finally made it to Kampala.  It is 588km from Kajo Keji to here.  We did not eat dinner tonight.  I had some beef jerky (thank you Buck) and a handful of peanuts (I think that is what they were).

We have checked into the Rock Classic Hotel.  My bed is round, another first, and my room is very hot and dirty.  Moments ago blue flames shot out of the wall socket, this was quickly followed by a hotel wide power outage.

Lights back on.  I have decided to sleep with pants, socks, and shirt, as I do not have a mosquito net.  Tomorrow is a rest day in Jinja.  I have been looking forward to seeing the city that I have heard about my whole life.  We are all desperately needing a day of rest.  I hope to get some good sleep tonight but I don’t really see that happening.

That road from Kajo Keji is dangerous.  By my count in the past 5 days, 30 people were killed on the road from the ferry to Kajo Keji.  You gotta love those odds.  David did a good job of getting us here, though the last 3 hours of the drive were in the dark and that presents a whole new type of scary when it comes to the roads.


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