1 month down/2 to go.

The beard turned one month old today.  I remember when he was just a little whisker–time flies.

It has finally hit the point in which it looks as though I am actually trying to have a beard on my face rather than looking like I fell into some ashes.  I proclaimed that I would take it all the way to the first day of spring.  That is def. still on.

The beard and I thank you for all your kind words of encouragement as we learn to live with each other.  Especially when you say things like, “Did you not shave today?” or, “Aaaaghhh, that beard looks stupid,” or, “Daddy, look that little boy is trying to grow a beard like you.” or, “I had a beard like that in 6th grade.”

So here it is.  Side note, still cutting my own hair and I have started running again.  Dropping a bit of weight each week and growing a beard has been fun.


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