The Valley

Today we took a trek over the mountain and entered the valley–Valley Forge that is.  It was good to be back on an NPS site.  It had been waaaaayyyy tooooo long since I got a good cancellation stamp in my book.

Billy had a great time…Jennifer and I had a superb time.  Valley Forge is an excellent way to spend an afternoon.  There are dozens of miles of trails, lots of places for a picnic, and statues of several generals, colonels, commanders, etc…(though I should note that no matter the name below the statue they every one look like good ol George).

There are also men and women dressed in period costumes roaming around doing their best to look the part.  They do a great job and are not too in your face with all their revolutionary war info that I know they are restraining to be in your face about.  No, for the most part the actors are nice old chubby guys that like to tell stories about the war.  For that matter, they are much like all other nice old chubby guys I know.

Billy likes running up the hill toward the Arch.  It was a pretty cool arch and I am relieved that the Masons have pledged 1.5 million dollars in order to keep it sustained.  I mean, think of a world where we could not come up with a few dollars to sustain an Arch on the top of a hill?  I don’t wanna think about a world like that, can’t think about it even.  Ok, I am making fun.  but I am glad that somebody is keeping the lights on in the place and it ain’t us taxpayers.

My love for the NPS is alive and strong.  We are currently praying about the age Billy should be when he gets his very own Passport to the National Parks Stamp Book and thus begins an obsession with getting little cancellation stamps from all over the greatest country on earth.  Soon.  Soon.  I can’t wait to take him in and buy it for him and get his first stamp. Pretty big Billy/Papa moment in the making there.

Here are a few pics from the day below.  Click on one and start a slide show.


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