Holiday Streaking

I am going streaking! It is not what you think.

I have run 583 miles this year. Not bad, seeing that I am currently at the end of a 3 week layoff. I decided that I will only be happy if I hit 700 for the year. So, starting Monday (Monday to the end of the year is 50 days) I am going streaking.

I am going to run every day for the rest of the year. This is also called a streak. In order to hit 700 for the year I need to average 2.34 miles a day. I am gonna call that 2.5.

So. Who wants to go Holiday Streaking with me? Run every day between Monday November 12 and the end of the year. Set a personal rule for yourself to make it count. I might do more than 2.5 somedays but will only count it as a run if I hit 2 miles minimum. Not gonna be a legalist about the whole thing but me running to the car in the rain can’t count as a run.

I will do my best to tweet daily, you can follow me @markallenwhite (that connects to Facebook if you don’t wanna).

Who’s in?

5 thoughts on “Holiday Streaking

  1. I might be in if it is walk and run for those 70 and above. However, if it kills me, you will have explain to Linda and then preach my funeral. OK? Ray J.

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