Holiday Streak–Check

So I decided to go streaking (click here to remember).

Today I completed the streak at 50 days. I did hit my year goal of 700 total miles. Actually got a few bonus in 723.


Not bad and learned a few lessons along the way. One big lesson is that it is very difficult to keep a streak going when you preach 3 services every Sunday. This makes for a very long day and can/did cause me to lose my voice during the 6pm service. Folks, I was not getting emotional–I just couldn’t talk.

Longest run came in around 7 miles and my shortest run was 1 mile. I know, 1 lousy mile–but it was snowing and very cold and icy blah blah blah.

Would I do this again? Yes, but with Sundays off.

Will I keep it going? No, I am not running tomorrow. I don’t think at least–you never know.

I ran in the dark on several nights. I don’t like doing that but I had to do it. It gets dark here at 4:30 which is about an hour earlier than NC. Forgot about that but oh well.

I ran in three different states (PA, NC, KY) and with several different people. Even got a new running buddy out of this in my neighbor.

I would like to get 800 miles in for 2013 and think I can do it without a goofy streak.

Happy New Year! Go for a run.



2 thoughts on “Holiday Streak–Check

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