My Big Sister

We got cars!  Come buy them for cheap!

Last night was my first night in PA that my big sister didn’t live up the road.

To many this is not that life altering–they say, “Well you lived apart for 20 years, so it is not that big of a deal.” I get that and even understand that–but, this was the first time we had ever really lived in the same place together as adults. It was pretty cool. In fact, I wouldn’t be living in PA had Ann not come here first. So, yeah, she is the reason I pulled up the stakes and took a dive into the great north for a decade or three.

I loved living down the road from my big sister. It was so much fun getting together for non-events. By that I mean, meetings that were not geared around a holiday, birthday cake, or any other celebration that forces families together (though we were replete with those meetings as well). My favorites times with the Clines were those times. The “Hey it’s Tuesday and we need to go to Freddy Hill farm and see those stinky animals and buy ice cream.” Or “Thinking about trying Shell Fish Sue next week lets go over there on your lunch break.” That day was especially fun as I believe the server was under the initial impression that one of us was having an affair. We nipped that in the bud by me inviting him to church and Ann taking a call from Gary. I’ve not been back.

But it hasn’t all been about food, though Whites do like to eat, it has mostly just been about hanging out and doing a whole lotta nothin’. These are things you don’t get to do with family when they live 5 or 600 miles away. No one drives a full day each way to just grill a few burgers and laugh at the funny things your kids did that day at school. But that is what we got to do a lot of. I loved it.

Now they are in NJ. About 2 hours away. That’s like driving to Lexington (I have for years compared all drives I take in the world to how far destinations are from my hometown in Ashland, KY) and that is not that far. We will still see much of each other and that is fantastic.

But for those few months when Ann lived up the road. Well it was pretty cool having my big sister so close.

Thanks Clines for moving here and telling me to move here. This is my dream job–the job that God created me to do. And you guys helped bring it from abstract dream into reality.

Thanks sis.

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