Winter Into Spring Streak!

Many of you (all 12 readers to be exact) vicariously ran with me through the holidays. I am referring, of course, to the now famous Holiday Streak–see here and here for context. Oh the fun we all had as I ran and ran in the snow, rain, wind, cold, and that one scorcher of a day when the thermometer tipped 55 degrees.

Well, in an effort to stick with running through the now very cold winter I have set a new goal. 100 miles before Spring! The first day of Spring is March 20 and I would like to log 100 miles before that day. I started counting February One and already have 5.5 miles toward the goal (54 for the year so far). As usual I will employ every mind trick I know to get myself out the door and on the road. This, I have found, is invaluable when the wind chill is 9. I am not going to run everyday but do plan on getting in 6 a week. We’ll see how that goes, last time I got a little crazy about getting the run in every day.

If you are interested in doing this with me I would love to know. I am always looking for a good running buddy and believe me it is much easier to run when you have someone out there pounding the pavement with you.

Spring will be here soon, go for a run!

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