New For Me

For about a year I have been researching a little project on the side–trust me, what I’m about to tell you I never would have thought I could do.  I have been looking into what it might take to transform my very meat centered diet into a plant-based diet.  I know.  I once ate a 30 oz steak and wanted more–I’ve ordered 12 reorders of all you can eat ribs at Big Ed’s Barbbq and went into what is now referred to as a pork coma–I always order the biggest piece of kielbasa–I have taken down a pound of bacon all by myself.  Yeah!  So, what the heck do you think might happen if I took meat away and put a whole lot more beets in my life?  Scatological consideration aside–it will make me healthier–I think.

Also–I am eating  way way way too much processed foods.  I read the labels on some of this stuff I eat and I can’t even pronounce what it is.  I decided to not eat that anymore.

So today I implemented the first steps toward plant-based eating.  I read a book where this guy was a Vegan Before 6.  Good book, made sense, so I thought this is a good place to start.

So, I thought I would take this to my dozen or so readers to let them know why I am not ordering chicken wings for breakfast anymore.

I am going to give Vegan a shot–but only before 6.

Maybe someday I can take the plunge but today is not that day.

The plan is to give this a shot for the next three months then reassess.  I will keep you updated the best I can.

IMG_0014Found this today  and am pretty excited.  It is Vegan and it is good.  Trust me.  I like it.

Worse comes to worse, I will just live off this.




One thought on “New For Me

  1. Way to go Mark! We have been almost completely processed free and mostly organic since the day we moved in. My rule of thumb is 5 ingredients or less. We are also trying to stick to Non-GMO however I haven’t completely bought into that mind set yet. I am trying to stay as close to the original food as possible. Cooking it…but not transforming it into something it wasn’t intended to be. I LOVE opening my fridge and seeing it full of fruits and vegetables and organic milk. Did you know I also quit Diet Cokes? It’s been two weeks. I feel great. No heartburn. Not really losing weight, but I feel better about myself. It’s a process and we are ON BOARD with you. Good job!!

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