Billy is 6

billyshavesBilly is sitting in front of me as I write this.  He has Luke in one hand and Vader in the other.  Vader is not doing well.  This is all being done with the full musical score accurately being hummed in the background.  He doesn’t know I’m watching.

Wednesday is his birthday.

Big day.  Big moment.  You sort of bank on the big moments as a Papa–first goals, losing of teeth, learning a Bible verse, birthdays–what you don’t really see coming until it is right in front of you is stuff like watching your kid play when he doesn’t know you are watching.

I really enjoy those little moments.  I enjoy peeking through our upstairs window to see Billy run in the yard.  I like walking into his room and seeing him look at a book.  I have even witnessed him standing on his bed with both hands stretched over his world map talking about the places he would like to visit.  That is where it is.  Those little peeks into his world.

Billy is great at being a kid.  I’m telling you he really is good at it.  He plays, sings, runs, jumps, gets hurt, gets up, screams, cries, laughs, whines, sleeps, kicks, wrestles, shoots, chops, swims–he is all in on everything.  He goes hard from the moment he wakes until the moment he sleeps.  I really love this about him.

Now he turns 6.  DSC_1460

I really look forward to all of the big moments we will have this year–but I will earnestly seek to find those little moments I get to witness him being a little boy.

Happy Birthday Billy.

Being your Papa is pretty great.


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