Keystone Fort Washington–every Sunday!

DSC_1521Our church had a first today. We met on a Sunday!

For the past eight months Keystone Fort Washington has been meeting on Saturday night at one of our other locations. Today we moved.

Today’s celebration service was one that I will never forget. It is one of those times that God gives you that you know is special when it is happening. By that I mean that as we were worshipping and praying and listening and giving and singing I knew that I was going to remember this as special. I like that.

Life is full of moments like that if you will open your eyes and have a look. It is full of wonderful experiences that God gives us. We get to experience the love of God. We get to experience community together. We get to watch other people experience those things. Sometimes you know that it is special while you are doing it—and you will never forget.

We left our campus today and I felt overwhelmed with joy that this is what I get to do every weekend. I get to come and gather together with a group of people who love Jesus. I get to work alongside people with the same mission.   I get to experience God’s love in a fresh way every day.

I look forward to serving God in the Fort Washington area and experiencing what He has for us next.


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