New For Me

For about a year I have been researching a little project on the side–trust me, what I’m about to tell you I never would have thought I could do.  I have been looking into what it might take to transform my very meat centered diet into a plant-based diet.  I know.  I once ate a 30 oz steak and wanted more–I’ve ordered 12 reorders of all you can eat ribs at Big Ed’s Barbbq and went into what is now referred to as a pork coma–I always order the biggest piece of kielbasa–I have taken down a pound of bacon all by myself.  Yeah!  So, what the heck do you think might happen if I took meat away and put a whole lot more beets in my life?  Scatological consideration aside–it will make me healthier–I think.

Also–I am eating  way way way too much processed foods.  I read the labels on some of this stuff I eat and I can’t even pronounce what it is.  I decided to not eat that anymore.

So today I implemented the first steps toward plant-based eating.  I read a book where this guy was a Vegan Before 6.  Good book, made sense, so I thought this is a good place to start.

So, I thought I would take this to my dozen or so readers to let them know why I am not ordering chicken wings for breakfast anymore.

I am going to give Vegan a shot–but only before 6.

Maybe someday I can take the plunge but today is not that day.

The plan is to give this a shot for the next three months then reassess.  I will keep you updated the best I can.

IMG_0014Found this today  and am pretty excited.  It is Vegan and it is good.  Trust me.  I like it.

Worse comes to worse, I will just live off this.