Christmas at the White House 2013

A great Christmas this year.  Had a fantastic time with my family.  We spent Christmas here at the White House then traveled over to Jersey to see the Clines and my Mom and Dad.  It was a good day.

Here are some photos.  Click on any photo to enlarge.


Holiday Streak–Check

So I decided to go streaking (click here to remember).

Today I completed the streak at 50 days. I did hit my year goal of 700 total miles. Actually got a few bonus in 723.


Not bad and learned a few lessons along the way. One big lesson is that it is very difficult to keep a streak going when you preach 3 services every Sunday. This makes for a very long day and can/did cause me to lose my voice during the 6pm service. Folks, I was not getting emotional–I just couldn’t talk.

Longest run came in around 7 miles and my shortest run was 1 mile. I know, 1 lousy mile–but it was snowing and very cold and icy blah blah blah.

Would I do this again? Yes, but with Sundays off.

Will I keep it going? No, I am not running tomorrow. I don’t think at least–you never know.

I ran in the dark on several nights. I don’t like doing that but I had to do it. It gets dark here at 4:30 which is about an hour earlier than NC. Forgot about that but oh well.

I ran in three different states (PA, NC, KY) and with several different people. Even got a new running buddy out of this in my neighbor.

I would like to get 800 miles in for 2013 and think I can do it without a goofy streak.

Happy New Year! Go for a run.



Photos of Yard Tonight

Took a few night shots earlier.  Pretty cool way a few turned out.  Have a look.

I am a runner

I am almost 6ft tall with my shoes on and nearly 220 lbs with my clothes off (resist the mental image). This is not the physical stats most people think of when they think of a runner. Nonetheless—I am a runner. I am part of a unique group of people who enjoys getting up and going for a run for no better reason than they like to do it.

I have been running for over 20 years now and I have yet to grow tired of it.

I have run in the mountains, the desert, the city, on trails, paths, hallways, stairwells, sidewalks, roads, train-tracks, bridges, in mud, sand, creeks—you name it. I have run it all. Here’s the thing—I liked every bit of it.

I have been chased by dogs (caught twice), screeched at by cats, and covered in ticks. This is just part of it.

I have run in the snow, ice, rain, heat, and humidity—also part of it.

I have been yelled at (some nice, some not so nice), swerved at, thrown at (thank you Pulaski County drunk guy). No big. My favorite thing is when someone rolls up beside me to ask a question.

I am not very fast any more but I am okay with that.

In high school I could run a sub 5-minute mile and a sub 17 minute 5k. I was also 50 pounds lighter. Those times are long gone. To put that into perspective go grab an over weight 5-year-old and take off (ask first).

But, I do not run so that I might reclaim high school magic. Gag. I run because I like to run. Yes, I go to races—but I am no racer. I ran a 10k this summer in 52 minutes and 34 seconds—it felt great. I ran a 5k a few weeks ago under 25 minutes—also great. I decided I would be no slave to the watch. I decided that I would just get out there and do it.

My keys to running.

Stop thinking about it and go run. Seriously. Most every run I have ever been on has been a mind trick. Today I spent a good part of the morning telling myself that I would not run today. Upon this feeling I immediately put on my shoes and headed out the door. No thinking. At twenty minutes in I thought, “You sly dog, you tricked me.” Does this make sense to you? It doesn’t to me, but it works. No thinking.

I wear a watch—but I limit my looks. By this I mean that I don’t look at my stopwatch every 10 seconds. This is how you have a miserable run. I know the mile markers and will look at mile one. I probably won’t look again until the 4th mile or so. This is on purpose. Again, this is a mind trick. I focus on the surroundings, the road, I pray, I think about people, I fix the world, I calculate mileage etc…anything but the time.

I pick routes that are hard to figure out. I like to head out the door with a general idea of where the turns are, but that is it. Rarely do I map a run prior to going out. I like to choose as I go. Sometimes this gets me lost but most of the time it just another mind trick.

Maybe you will read this and go run—great. These are just a few things I do and they work for me.

If you would like to go for a run sometime, stop by. I will run with you.

Running, whether fast or slow, has been good to me most of my life. Give it a shot.

Jingle Bells

Billy gives a great death metal rendition of Jingle Bells about half-way through.  There are some other classic Billy moves in this one too.  Enjoy!