I love my staff.

I have a great staff of people at the Fort Washington Campus.  There are many reasons I could list in verification but I choose to show you the below picture instead.

(scroll down after pic)


We routinely meet after a one of our celebration services to eat dinner together and hang out a bit.  Tonight it got a little squirrely.

Brad decided that he needed a haircut.  I grabbed my beard trimmer.  Jennifer wrapped him up in an Elmo towel, and Danielle started making him silky smooth.  Not to mention Justin styling as we went.  This is how you get a haircut in my kitchen.

This, my friend, is a church leadership book cover waiting for chapters.

I have been praying for God to put a team together that is excellent at what they do and loves to hang out and enjoy spending time together.  Thank you Jesus.  You nailed. it.