Keystone Fort Washington–every Sunday!

DSC_1521Our church had a first today. We met on a Sunday!

For the past eight months Keystone Fort Washington has been meeting on Saturday night at one of our other locations. Today we moved.

Today’s celebration service was one that I will never forget. It is one of those times that God gives you that you know is special when it is happening. By that I mean that as we were worshipping and praying and listening and giving and singing I knew that I was going to remember this as special. I like that.

Life is full of moments like that if you will open your eyes and have a look. It is full of wonderful experiences that God gives us. We get to experience the love of God. We get to experience community together. We get to watch other people experience those things. Sometimes you know that it is special while you are doing it—and you will never forget.

We left our campus today and I felt overwhelmed with joy that this is what I get to do every weekend. I get to come and gather together with a group of people who love Jesus. I get to work alongside people with the same mission.   I get to experience God’s love in a fresh way every day.

I look forward to serving God in the Fort Washington area and experiencing what He has for us next.

I love my staff.

I have a great staff of people at the Fort Washington Campus.  There are many reasons I could list in verification but I choose to show you the below picture instead.

(scroll down after pic)


We routinely meet after a one of our celebration services to eat dinner together and hang out a bit.  Tonight it got a little squirrely.

Brad decided that he needed a haircut.  I grabbed my beard trimmer.  Jennifer wrapped him up in an Elmo towel, and Danielle started making him silky smooth.  Not to mention Justin styling as we went.  This is how you get a haircut in my kitchen.

This, my friend, is a church leadership book cover waiting for chapters.

I have been praying for God to put a team together that is excellent at what they do and loves to hang out and enjoy spending time together.  Thank you Jesus.  You nailed. it.


Christmas at the White House 2013

A great Christmas this year.  Had a fantastic time with my family.  We spent Christmas here at the White House then traveled over to Jersey to see the Clines and my Mom and Dad.  It was a good day.

Here are some photos.  Click on any photo to enlarge.

Few Photos from the past few weeks.

I was taking a look at my camera roll and realized I have not posted a few.  Here you go–peruse away.

Billy is 5

Billy had a few family, friends and neighbors over for a bit of a birthday lunch the other day.   I think that this may have been the first year where there were more kids than adults present–I am of course remembering the epic jumpy jumpy in the backyard at 207.

Billy is a constant blessing in my life and I love watching him do just about everything.  Thank you Lord for allowing me to be his Papa.

I took a few pics and share them below.

One Year Down


About a year ago we uprooted and moved to PA.  Is it me or does time move faster in the North?  It does, I’ll answer my own rhetorical question.

There are times when I get to thinking about just how it was that we got here–then my brain locks up and I get back to sipping my Rita’s wooder ice.  So, I will not bore you with a bunch of mushy mumbo jumbo about how great everything is and blah, blah, blah.  Though, those things are true. Soooo, what better than a bullet pointed paragraph consisting of what the heck we been doing:

  • Planting a Keystone campus in Ft. Washington.  This has been awesome and is on target and so very fun.
  • Making friends.  In the past year we have been meeting tons of people and I would even say that I am close to putting a few of them in my exclusive i would lay down in traffic for that guy group.
  • Enjoying Jennifer being at home.  We decided when we moved here that we would tighten the belt and go to one income.  Not easy at first and may never be easy.  But, it is the best thing we’ve ever done.  Seriously.  It is.
  • Playing in the back yard with Billy.  Our neighborhood is full of kids and Billy plays for hours a day with all of them.  It is incredible.
  • Running.  I have been running a bunch and with lotsa different people.  Which I like.
  • Listening to God.  Hard to explain, so I won’t try.  But we have been getting better at listening and hearing.

In a nutshell–we love it here.  PA and us are a perfect fit.

Please keep praying for us as we wade a bit further into the church campus planting IMG_7823waters.

Come and see us if you like.  Summer is almost here and we actually know our way around a little bit now.

Winter Into Spring Streak!

Many of you (all 12 readers to be exact) vicariously ran with me through the holidays. I am referring, of course, to the now famous Holiday Streak–see here and here for context. Oh the fun we all had as I ran and ran in the snow, rain, wind, cold, and that one scorcher of a day when the thermometer tipped 55 degrees.

Well, in an effort to stick with running through the now very cold winter I have set a new goal. 100 miles before Spring! The first day of Spring is March 20 and I would like to log 100 miles before that day. I started counting February One and already have 5.5 miles toward the goal (54 for the year so far). As usual I will employ every mind trick I know to get myself out the door and on the road. This, I have found, is invaluable when the wind chill is 9. I am not going to run everyday but do plan on getting in 6 a week. We’ll see how that goes, last time I got a little crazy about getting the run in every day.

If you are interested in doing this with me I would love to know. I am always looking for a good running buddy and believe me it is much easier to run when you have someone out there pounding the pavement with you.

Spring will be here soon, go for a run!