Few Photos from the past few weeks.

I was taking a look at my camera roll and realized I have not posted a few.  Here you go–peruse away.

Tournament Time

It is tournament time folks and I decided last night that the beard was just taking too much focus off the Cats around here.  So, I went in and made it a stupid mustache.  Go CATS.

Beard is turning 2 months today.

Well.  2 months down and people have gotten use to the stupid beard.  I am at the point now where I would like to shave it and be done with it.  But, Billy and Jennifer like it.  Also, my little nephew Eli thinks that I am a cub at the zoo and grabs it like a toy.

Take a look.  Should I continue to my Springtime goal?  Jennifer doesn’t like the serial killer look in the picture below so I included two for you.

1 month down/2 to go.

The beard turned one month old today.  I remember when he was just a little whisker–time flies.

It has finally hit the point in which it looks as though I am actually trying to have a beard on my face rather than looking like I fell into some ashes.  I proclaimed that I would take it all the way to the first day of spring.  That is def. still on.

The beard and I thank you for all your kind words of encouragement as we learn to live with each other.  Especially when you say things like, “Did you not shave today?” or, “Aaaaghhh, that beard looks stupid,” or, “Daddy, look that little boy is trying to grow a beard like you.” or, “I had a beard like that in 6th grade.”

So here it is.  Side note, still cutting my own hair and I have started running again.  Dropping a bit of weight each week and growing a beard has been fun.


Mr. Beard, there is a call for you on line one.

Nearly three weeks in and I am very pleased with the progress.  Someone even noticed it last night, I was so happy.  I got out of the car and they said, “I wish you would shave that stupid thing off, it looks awful.”  Success!

I was forced to trim the lower chin as it was outpacing the upper chin and quickly turning into a sort of General Grant thing.  Not the direction I’m going with the beard.

Also, you may be wondering who is cutting my hair these days.  I have decided to do it myself.  Dad use to say, “Maverick’s hair is choppy.”  If choppy hair is good enough for Ghostrider then it is good enough for me.

Beard Update

So I have been at it for around 1.5 weeks and it is going well.  So well that no one has noticed at all.  This was expected.  I catch myself averting my eyes from other full bearded men out of shame.  But, I carry on.

Beard Day 1

After overwhelming support and feedback concerning my beard growing I have decided to set a start/end date.  Since I am growing a Winter beard today is Day 1, as today is the first day of winter.  I will not shave until the first day of Spring–March 21.  Some calendars have first day of Spring March 20.  Not looking to start anything here so we will call it the 21st.

Thank you Chris Audino for the suggestions.  You are right, I will cave without a goal.

Stupid Beard Day 1